“Kindred” by Swoon
CD review by Julie Minto for the Folk Rag

I am almost swooning from the heat as I get into the car to leave Woodford Folk Festival 08/09. This quickly changes to swooning with delight as the great music from the “Swoon” CD and the air conditioning start to take effect.

I ran into Swoon (Josh Notting and Angela Smith from Mackay) doing a set at Woodford who gave me their new CD “Kindred” to review.

Many make the mistake of over doing the CD production and not sounding how they actually sound live. Thankfully Swoon self- produced and managed to stay true to their real sound, except for some subtle overdubbed harmonies and extra guitar. They also added drummer (Peter Vadiveloo) and well known bass player (Liz Frencham) on a few tracks.

Swoons music is refreshing, unpretentious and very easy to listen to. The overall flavour is original, vibrant, jazzy and acoustic. Angela on lead vocal has a real knack for melody and superb phrasing. Her vocals sometimes cruisy jazz -cool sometimes gutsier seem to flow effortlessly over Josh’s clever guitar accompaniment. Josh is one resourceful player with finger-picking, heavier rock and percussive, jazz/ blues influenced guitar riffs all featuring on the album. Percussion, stomp box and occasional guitar effects also compliment the sound.

Swoons songwriting is about love and life and covers many tempos and styles so listening to them never becomes boring or monotonous. An added bonus is most of these Swoon tunes have a great hook. From the melodic title track “Kindred” to ballads like “I Can’t Fall”, the catchy “Watch Out” which builds to a crescendo and great danceable acoustic folk rock like “Free Tonight” and “Give In To Me.

Angela and Josh list some of their influences as Led Zepplin, Jigzag and Brisbane’s Stringmansassy to name a few, along with nice swimming holes and alcohol. They are now featuring on JJJ Unearthed and are two very nice, very talented people who are sure to go far.

Recorded by Steve Vella at Dog and Bear studio Melbourne, the very professional lucky number 13 song package features great artwork and lyrics to all the songs. The “Kindred” CD released in December 08, tour information, other recordings and merchandise available online at www.swoonmusic.net.

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